Sunday, July 20, 2008

A tutorial using my kit YAY

Hey Everyone,

I just had to show this off. A good friend of mine, Naughty Angel, made a tut using my latest kit, Elegant Dreams. I think she did a fab job on it and had to post it.

Naughty Angel Tut

If you like her tag you can find it and many more of her wonderful tags at her website Naughty's Tut Playground. Keep in mind there is everything from G rated all the way to EAC (Extreme Adult Content) but thankfully she keeps that in a seperate section so you can't accidentally get a suprise. So go on and visit her site.



Thursday, July 17, 2008

So much to do so little time.

Hey Everyone,

Yeah I know I've been bad and MIA for quite some time in my books. But things are getting back to normal here....first it was our electricity and then it was my computer. We were renting to own a computer for $160 CAD a month but we decided we couldn't afford that luxury and my Father in law (Bless his heart) is lending us his new never been used (until now) computer. So I had to put all the programs on there and make sure they all worked.....well aparently I didn't transfer them over properly and none of them worked except for my Photoshop....THANK GOD!!! lol.

So today I have a couple of announcements for you as well as a freebie. So here it goes.

I am looking for Inspirational Diva's (thank's Vicki for the idea) to become part of my Creative Team. Click on the image for a larger image.

Creative Team Call

Second of all, I have great news. I am now selling my kits in a store YAY! I am now with
Scrapping Whispers. I am so excited about this new venture and can't wait to see what it holds for me. Now this doesn't mean I won't be doing freebies anymore. I am still going to post them as much as I can... I still have several ideas for free kits running in my head and on the go. So don't fret I will still have Freebies. I have one kit up for sale right now for sale called Lilac Dreams

Lilac Dreams

You can get it by clicking the banner below


And well last but not least I can't forget about our freebie today. This is from the poll results which one by a landslide. I hope you like it.

Elegant Dreams

You can download it HERE

Wow that was sure a mouthful LoL. Okay I'm done now. Looking forward to hearing any comments or suggestions from ya.



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back and Better than Ever

Hey Gang,

Well I am back after a 3 day stint of no electricity. I even have new toys to play with. I will be playing witht them tonight to have something for ya. The poll is still open for a bit so I will work on that kit in a bit.

I also cut off all my hair lol. My hair was down past my shoulders and now it is well.... I cut off over 10.5 inches LoL.

Well it's good to be back and I will have more for y'all later.

Oh yeah I'm also trying to resolve the issue with pop ups and other issues that are popping up with my blog. Please be patient while I find out whats goin on.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Tough Times

Hey Everyone,

I'm just sending this quick note to let you know I am going to be away for a few days....Not by choice though. I told y'all that my Hubby, Grae, lost his job a couple months back and he applied for Employment Insurance.....well they aren't going to tell us anything by the end of this month... Which doesn't help us now. I'm trying to support my family, pay rent, pay the bills and get us food and I only make $600 a month if I am lucky.

I'm sitting here at my Father in laws house writing this because currently my home is without power. Yup that's right my electricity has been disconnected while I was out getting the cheapest back of french fries for the kids.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a Troll or gain pity from anyone because that is the last thing I want. I needed a place to just vent and whine to myself.

Well I better get going my Father in law has kindly let me borrow his computer, time and washing machine and I need to switch the laundry over.

Hope is well with all of you and for those who do read this I will keep you posted on whats happening.... Hopefully I can make another kit if my power comes on soon enough.



Friday, July 4, 2008

New Toys

Hey Everyone,

Well, I went out and bought some new toys to play with LoL.... I had to watch out and behave myself as it is sooo easy to spend too much in so little time when you are looking at scrapbooking supplies. I have made some papers with some of the swirly overlays I bought over at
Divine Digital. I have been working on a new kit, but it being summer and all there doesn't seem to be enough time to play.

When making kits I will be working on one and will start getting ideas for the next. I am starting a poll and would love to know which colors you would like to see in my next kit (after the one I am making now)

Well I hope you like these papers they are in 3600x3600 PNG formatt but are easily resized for taggers.... I am still trying to master on how to make a good preview LoL.


Download HERE