Friday, October 9, 2009

Long time no see.... my bad

Hey Everyone,

I know it's been a long time since I last posted and I am terribly sorry. It is very hectic as a single mother of two young boys. My youngest son, Damien-Cael, has just celebrated his 4th birthday. I am so proud of him. My oldest son, Tyler-Dean, has been making huge strides in his Intervention. He wasn't suppose to be going to The Autism Project (TAP) the rest of this year because his funding had run out, but there was a very special person who has donated enough money for Tyler-Dean to attend TAP twice a week until his funding is reinstated again. I would like to thank that nameless person from the bottom of my heart. It has meant so much to me.

I know most of my zips probably don't work anymore due to the fact that I have let the account relapse. That was my fault for not keeping on top of that. So what I am doing now is uploading all the free kits and bits that I have made so that you all can download them again more easily.

I have been in a creative slump so to speak and I'm hoping to get my groove back. I'm going to finish up a couple of kits that I have start.... hopefully soon and get those posted.

Autumn Dreams
Compton's Garden
CU ok Overlays
Dusty Rose
Father's Day
Grunge After Midnight
Other Side
Snips and Snails
CU ok Charms
CU ok Color Schemes
CU ok Overlays
CU ok Butterfly Kisses Frames

There that should be all of them that I can see in my folder. I hope you all enjoy. If any of the links do not work, please let me know and don't forget to leave a little love. XoXo


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yet Another Beginning

Well Peeps,

It definitely has been a while since I have last posted much of anything. I am finally slowly regainning control of things and they are slowly starting to look up. Ummm gosh, where do I start.... well I am in the process of getting a divorce.... let me tell ya I'm relieved at that. I have also met someone new. He happens to be the most amazing and wonderful person that I have the honor of knowing. He's sweet and caring and funny and can make me smile no matter how down on my luck I feel. He's going to school for BioTech which is a very admirable profession. Okay well before I get carried away on'll let y'all know I have something in the works for ya and hope to have it up soon.


Here is a pic of my man with his nephew.....